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Seasonal skin
care class

by JB Skin Sävvi

As a Canadian company, we know all too well how the different seasons can take a toll our skin. From the blistering cold of the winter to the hot and humid air in the summer and everything in between. Ever wonder how each season affects your skin and what you can do about it?

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In this informative 4-part class (1h) skin expert Jennifer Brodeur will debunk each season, their unique characteristics and how the environmental changes impact your skin. With over 25 years of experience as a skin care strategist, Jennifer has accumulated tremendous insight and deep knowledge on the skin and how to make it glow from the inside out and outside it!

You will learn what lifestyle adjustments to make, what ingredients to look for in your skin care products depending on the season, as well as skin care routine adjustments and tips in order to maintain your best skin all year around.

Get your pen and
paper ready …

and get ready to get Sävvi about skin!

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