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Skincare a Different Way

February 23, 2017


The correct choice of products is the key to healthy authentic, wholesome skin. There are so many excellent products on the market and some that are not so good. When it comes to making the correct choice most people are pretty much in the dark. It can be a bewildering experience with all the overzealous marketing tactics that can often be misleading. And aren’t we all just a little overwhelmed and intimidated by the amount of skin care information out there. 

Skin-care products can be grouped by type. The categories are cleansers, toners, moisturizers, masks and treatment products. Within each category, the products must be further differentiated by the type of skin for which they are formulated. Thus, there are cleansers, toners etc, developed for dry skin, others for oily or acne prone skin, others for normal combination skin, and so on. For example: if you have dry skin avoid gel or mousse based cleansers. Then follow with vitamin based serums, face oils and creams. If exfoliating with a professional don’t over exfoliate at home.

It is vital that you use the correct formulation for your skin type, and condition. Using the wrong formulation is ineffective at best and, under some conditions worsens the problem. Even the simplest cosmetic skin-care products have an appreciable influence on the physiological skin processes. In most cases less is more.

Now before we go any further its important that I say that I do not believe in “anti-aging”. As we will all age, it is a privilege denied by so many. However, there is a way we can have exceptional, ageless, natural, wholesome authentic skin. That said, consistency is key, which means most results will be visible with the cumulative effect. There is a skin strategy, or as we call it the Skinguru regimen that is so vital; think of it as brushing and flossing in-between dentist visits. With the regimen and these seven steps for, you will be glowing in no time.

  • LACK OF SLEEP. Since the skin's repair processes are hard at work while you slumber (you need seven to nine hours a night), being sleep-deprived can actually worsen the look of your skin by intensifying dark circles and/or puffiness under the eyes. Sleep deprivation also can lead to increased breakouts (or slow the healing of ones you already have). While it's easier said than done, there are things you can do before bed to maximize the overnight skin-renewal process and help your skin look its best come morning.
  • MAKE-UP. First and foremost, always remove makeup before bed since it's that very makeup, plus the dirt and grime that collect on skin during the day, that increases a pore's likelihood of getting clogged.
  • REGULAR EXERCISE. The revitalizing and energizing benefits of exercise (and the circulation boost it provides the entire body) are certainly good for your overall well-being--not to mention the healthy glow it gives your skin.
  • STRESS RELIEF. When we're under pressure, we tend to let our good habits lapse. For instance, we crave foods higher in fat and sugar; we sleep less or poorly; we react to situations more emotionally and get angry more easily--all thanks to the hormone, cortisol, that's released during times of tension. Since cortisol itself can trigger acne by causing inflammation, neglecting good habits creates a double whammy for our complexion.
  • A BALANCED DIET. There are many myths about what we eat. One thing is certain, however: Eating a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables-- is the best way to stay healthy and have clear skin.
  • GET YOUR NUTRIENTS. A healthy diet is rich in minerals and vitamins, particularly vitamins A, C and E, which are critical for smooth, clear skin. Vitamin A Topically and internally, this vitamin family (often labeled as retinols in over-the-counter products) is used in various forms to treat acne and clear up skin. It helps to speed up skin-cell turnover, giving cells less time to clog pores and trigger acne. Nutritionally, vitamin A is found in foods like broccoli, cantaloupe, cod, red peppers, spinach and watercress.
  • STAY HYDRATED. Consume the equivalent of at least 11 8-ounce glasses daily. Water is essential for life, and drinking it is important for every organ system, including the skin (it makes it more supple & resilient). Besides thirst, signs of dehydration include fatigue and loss of skin tone (the skin sags more and loses its glow).

Now that you have begun your skin strategy, next week we will explore what a great communicator your skin is! (Trust me it has a lot to say).

Its all about the FACE, keep GLOWING!

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