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Jennifer Brodeur

(a.k.a.) JB

Jennifer Brodeur, the visionary force behind JB Skin Sävvi, is an inspiring figure in female entrepreneurship and innovation, boasting an impressive 25 year journey in the aesthetic beauty industry.

Her profound understanding of light therapy led to the creation of Max+ in 2003, a groundbreaking LED light therapy device admired by influential figures like Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama. In 2016, JB Skin Sävvi (formerly JB Skin Guru) was born after 13 years of dedicated research and expertise.

The launch of the PEONI line received praise and a coveted spot on Oprah's Favorite Things List, with further success from the Lumi collection and Le Masque, gaining recognition in Vogue Magazine and other publications.

The moniker "JB Skin Sävvi," pronounced as "savvy," represents the brand's unwavering commitment to high-quality products and wisdom in skincare, health, and lifestyle. Eco-conscious packaging aligns with Jennifer's belief in a "less is more" approach, woven into holistic living, aging celebration, and dedication to sustainability, holding both Cosmos and B Corp certifications.

Jennifer's personal journey with Celiac disease adds authenticity to her brand. Her advocacy for holistic living is evident through masterclasses and The Skin Collective Podcast, enlightening clients about skincare and healthy living.

Her debut literary venture, "La peau et ses secrets," reveals the cornerstones of her journey. Jennifer's voice resonates as a clarion call for exceptional and environmentally conscious skincare.

Embracing a new chapter, Jennifer resides on a farm in Quebec's Eastern Townships, cultivating peonies, reflecting her dedication to authenticity. Her journey continues to rejuvenate the beauty industry with passion, wisdom, and commitment to excellence.


During her seven years as a teacher from 1996 to 2003 at CFPV Centre de Formation Professionelle de Verdun, Jennifer shared her expertise on the physiology of the skin, chemistry, product research and development, and market intelligence. Simultaneously, Ms. Brodeur created an education and career development program for students at École Secondaire Monseigneur Richard, and developed governmental programs for the nation of Canada

In addition to her teaching, Ms. Brodeur continued to learn and grow as a skin strategist and a product developer. Jennifer has traveled around the globe to obtain her knowledge in advanced skin analysis, cosmetic chemistry, oncology aesthetics, nutritional medicine, and organic skincare formulation.

Authentic beauty comes from within.

Known for her study and deep knowledge of light therapy, Ms. Brodeur created Max+ in 2003, a highly sought-after LED light therapy device used by leading aestheticians. The success of Max+ positioned Jennifer as a global light therapy consultant, which attracted an inspiring elite and powerful clientele.

JB Skin Sävvi was launched in 2016 with Jennifer’s inaugural skincare collection, PEONI. Named after it’s key ingredient, peoni is a perfect blend of holistic and results-oriented ingredients. A powerful combination of the notable peony extract, green tea, licorice root, and vitamins protects the skin, fights wrinkles and maintains firmness through a simple four-step regimen.

Jennifer continues to expand the her role in her clients’ lives through reoccurring master classes, where she educates her loyal followers on the benefits of a healthy diet, lifestyle and mind. She currently resides in her hometown of Montréal with her husband, three daughters and an Alaskan Malamute named Sisu.