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Her personal touch, relentless grit and conceptual approach resonate deeply and are at the core of her wise counsel, artistic vision and leadership. Jazz’s special attention to detail, sense of esthetics, passion, and efficiency are irreplaceable. According to JB Skin Sävvi’s partners and clientèle, Jazz is a precious collaborator, loyal coworker, clever colleague and a true gem.

Currently on maternity leave until May 2024. Although she is greatly missed, the entire JB Skin Sävvi Team is thrilled for Jazz and her expanding family. Congratulations on your beautiful new addition!

In her free time, she loves indulging in her hobbies, including swimming and spending quality time with her fiancé and adorable Shiba Inu Kitsu. In addition to her hobbies, she is also a self-proclaimed coffee fanatic. Her love for coffee also serves as a reminder of her ability to savor the simple pleasures in life.