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COSMOS what?

August 15, 2023

Dear Sävvi readers

So many readers have been asking me why we changed the formulas. When we explain it was to obtain Cosmos Certification, I often get a COSMOS what?

Cosmos certification is a globally recognized standard for natural and organic cosmetics, and obtaining this certification is advantageous for the following reasons:

  1. Credibility and trust: Cosmos certification provides a mark of credibility and trust for consumers. When a product carries the Cosmos label, it indicates that the product meets strict standards for organic and natural ingredients, sustainability, and environmental responsibility. Consumers are more likely to trust and choose products with this certification, knowing that they are using safe and eco-friendly products. 
  1. Compliance with industry standards: The Cosmos certification ensures that a product complies with industry-recognized standards for natural and organic cosmetics. This certification helps businesses like us stay up to date with evolving industry guidelines and regulations. (Its ever changing).
  1. Environmental responsibility: Cosmos certified products adhere to strict environmental standards. Companies seeking certification must demonstrate their commitment to sustainable practices, biodiversity, and reducing their environmental impact. 
  1. Ingredient transparency: The Cosmos standard requires full transparency regarding the ingredients used in the certified products. This transparency helps consumers make informed choices.
  1. Access to new markets: Cosmos certification can open doors to new markets, especially in regions or countries where consumers prioritize natural and organic products. Many retailers and distributors look for certified products, making it easier for certified brands like JB SKIN SÄVVI to expand our reach.
  1. Competitive advantage: In a market saturated with skincare and cosmetic products, Cosmos certification provides a competitive advantage. It sets certified products apart from non-certified ones, showcasing our commitment to quality, safety, and sustainability.
  1. Quality assurance: Obtaining Cosmos certification involves rigorous testing and evaluation of ingredients, manufacturing processes, and product quality. Going through the certification process shows we are committed to maintaining high-quality standards. 
  1. Commitment to customer safety: Cosmos certified products must meet strict safety requirements. Our consumers can have peace of mind knowing that our products have undergone thorough safety assessments.

At JB Skin Sävvi we are committed to ethical and sustainable practices. It's essential to note that obtaining Cosmos certification requires time, effort, and resources however we felt that the benefits outweigh the costs.

Keep it simple. Keep it Sävvi.

With gratitude


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