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Is Peoni Good for Me?

November 23, 2016


When Peoni was created, it was important for us to design a universal line.  Having seen and treated many different skin issues over the years, we wanted our ingredients to be pure and versatile; meaning suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Peoni is a multi-faceted line. Composed of natural and organic super foods for the skin, it replenishes our epidermis to give it that glow we are all looking for.

White peony root extract as our star ingredient, is proven to act as an anti inflammatory, anti bacterial and a powerful anti aging.

With green tea as an antioxidant, organic aloe juice for hydration and sunflower oil rich in omega 6 fatty acids, Peoni is suitable and beneficial to the most sensitive, reactive, to the most dry, dehydrated, mature and demanding skin

Concerned with blemishes and uneven skin tone? Our willow bark, licorice root and kakadu plum will act as a natural exfoliator and non-invasive brightener.

Peoni is years of research and hands-on experience to offer the best possible holistic results to all without compromising, damaging or irritating the epidermis.

Get to know and get ready to glow!

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C.Martineau Jocelyne
C.Martineau Jocelyne

May 10, 2019

Bonjour j utilise vos produits magiques. J’attends vos promotions du duo d’amour qui est vraiment dû a recevoir pour completer le nettoyant et l essence qu il me reste en ore tout neuf. j’ai 66 ans retraitée et je lis tout ce que je vois sur vous et vos produits. j aimerais tant recevoir un soin par vous. Quand croyez vous avoir une promotion sur le duo d amour. Je ne peux m’en passer. J ai achete deux purificateurs d air Rowenta suite l an dernier suite a vos commentaires. Vous etes une personne professionnelle et authentique. Je recherche a Quebec ou j habite. Ou lors de mon passage a Montreal (occasionnel) Des produits VEGAN (sans protéines animales, sans oeufs, sans lait) sans gluten et sans soya. Pas facile a trouver a moins d’aller à Florence ( votre reference). Ce fut un beau témoignage incluant des references ou manger. J aimerais y habiter.Continuez a nous illuminer. J’attends vos commentaires.

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