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Pivotal Moment

September 06, 2017



We all have that pivotal moment in our lives. Each one should be celebrated (with cake)! They can spring up on you at any time. Which is why you should always be prepared, over deliver and stay grounded. 

In my career (celebrating 21 years this September), I've had many moments, some uplifting and some not so pretty. 

My pivotal moment September 6th 2:57pm : it was in the form of an email. An email from the one and only Mr. Adam Glassman. He had a few questions in regards to Peoni ~ as Ms. Winfrey (yes Oprah Winfrey) ~ emailed him about Peoni. 

I won't go into details, about all the minor issues we had trying to beat the clock meeting deadlines, sleepless nights... (I will reserve that for my book) yet I can say my inner Sisu came in handy. 

Since the press release, it's been a whirlwind of laughter, lessons and happiness. None of which I take for granted. 

It wasn't luck. I was prepared to embrace my pivotal moment. That's when success occurs. My definition of success is knowing that what I am doing is helping others lead a better, happier, healthier life. Being acknowledged by Ms Winfrey for my endeavours is my organic success. 

Believe it or not I've just begun. I will continue to stay grounded, cherish my tribe, stumble, laugh and nourish my mind because beauty blooms from the root. 

What is your pivotal moment?


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