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Summer Why Does It Slip Through Our Fingers?

by Jennifer BRODEUR August 29, 2023

As the warm sun dances across the sky, bathing us in its golden glow, the gentle breeze carries whispers of laughter and joy. Yet, it seems to slip through our fingers far too quickly, leaving us longing for more.

Time seems to possess a peculiar trait during the summer months - it accelerates. The days stretch longer, allowing us to relish in the freedom and leisure that this season offers. However, as we immerse ourselves in the joyous activities and escapades, time seems to slip away unnoticed. Before we know it, autumn is knocking at the door.

One of the defining features of summer is its abundance of events and activities. From family vacations to outdoor concerts, barbecues to beach trips, the calendar quickly fills up with an assortment of engagements. The whirlwind of socializing and excitement leaves us little time to catch our breath, amplifying the perception of time escaping us. 

To counteract the fleeting nature of summer, mindfulness and savoring become essential practices. By being fully present in each moment, we can prolong our enjoyment and create lasting memories. Whether it's savoring the taste of a melting ice cream cone, feeling the warmth of the sun on our skin, or relishing the laughter of friends and family, mindfulness allows us to cherish each passing second.

As the final days of summer slip away, let us take a moment to reflect on the joy it has brought us. So, as we bid adieu to summer, let us carry its warmth and vibrancy with us, savoring the memories until it returns once more.

With gratitude


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