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Back to School: Navigating Skin Problems

September 12, 2023

Dear Sävvi readers,

The thrill of returning to school is in the air! Brand new notebooks, intriguing classes, and the buzz of catching up with friends. However, as we gear up for the academic sprint, a few of us might confront an unwelcome guest: skin troubles 

From mild breakouts to persistent conditions, skin woes can dent our self-esteem. Ever wondered why these tend to peak during the school rush? Let's explore the causes and solutions


1.Stress & Breakouts

The link between academic pressures and skin issues is strong. Adjusting to schedules and facing exams can spike stress, sometimes causing skin flare-ups. 

Solution: Incorporate calm-inducing activities, like meditation or simple stretches. A good workout session can also counteract stress. 

2. Skimping on Sleep

Late-night cramming or chats can rob your skin of rejuvenating sleep.

Solution: Strive for 7-9 hours of restful sleep. Set a regular bedtime routine and keep gadgets at bay for improved sleep quality.

3. Diet Missteps

School canteens and sugary sips can be a nemesis for clear skin. 

Solution: Prioritize a balanced diet loaded with fruits, veggies, whole grains, and hydrating water.

4. Skincare Slip-ups

Juggling a packed day might mean missing out on skincare, leading to blocked pores.

Solution:Maintain a simple skincare routine. Opt for a mild cleanser like Le nettoyant peoni, followed by Le serum Harmoni and La crème Harmoni for hydration and protection.

5. Environmental Culprits

Crowded areas and class settings expose the skin to irritants and germs. 

Solution: Hands off the face! Regular hand washing and sanitizing are key. After gym sessions, take a quick shower.

6. Chronic Skin Conditions

Eczema or rosacea can get aggravated due to various triggers.

Solution:Stay connected with your dermatologist for tailored advice.


Returning to school with skin challenges might seem tough, but armed with the right strategies, they're manageable. Remember, each person's skin journey is distinct. Listen to your skin, show patience, and consult experts if in doubt. 

Above all, internal beauty surpasses external appearances. Cherish yourself, continue learning, and radiate confidence irrespective of skin setbacks.

Keep it simple. Keep it Sävvi.

With gratitude

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