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Balancing Profit and Purpose: JB Skin Sävvi is B Corp Certified

by Jennifer BRODEUR September 19, 2023

Dear Sävvi readers,

In the modern business landscape, profit-driven models are steadily making room for purpose-driven ones. Companies are realizing that the bottom line isn't solely about dollars and cents; it's about making a difference too. Leading this movement is the B Corp Certification—a revolutionary certification that measures a company's social and environmental impact. We are proud to share that JB Skin Sävvi is B CORP CERTIFIED!

  1. Understanding the B Corp Certification: It’s crucial to understand what B Corp is. In essence, it is a certification for businesses that meet the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance, public transparency, and legal accountability to balance profit and purpose.
  1. Beyond Business as Usual: B Corp challenges the traditional notion that businesses exist primarily to profit shareholders. Instead, these companies commit to benefiting all stakeholders, including workers, communities, and the environment.
  1. Embedding Purpose into Business Strategy: For B Corps, purpose is not an afterthought or a marketing strategy. It is deeply embedded in their business model. This approach ensures sustainability and longevity because when purpose and profit align, businesses can achieve more substantial and lasting impact.
  1. Transparency and Accountability: B Corp certification isn't just about having good intentions. Companies must provide evidence of their social and environmental impact. They are required to make this data public, ensuring they remain transparent and accountable to their claims.
  1. A Community of Changemakers: B Corps aren't operating in isolation. They are part of a global community of businesses driving a global movement of using business as a force for good. This community aspect fosters collaboration and shared learning, amplifying the overall impact.
  1. Looking Ahead: The B Corp movement, while still in its relative infancy, is gaining momentum. As consumers become more conscious about their purchases and investors prioritize sustainable and responsible businesses, the future looks bright for companies balancing profit and purpose.

As consumers and stakeholders, it's up to us to support and champion these changemakers, ensuring that business becomes synonymous with positive global impact.

Keep it simple. Keep it Sävvi.

With gratitude

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