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La peau et ses secrets


About the product

“While writing this book, it is YOU I had in mind. I gave myself the mission to lift the veils on certain practices, bust myths and supply you with a tool that could become a reference.

My minimalist approach is based on the strong conviction that the skin has the ability to heal itself. For this, we need to understand it, stop for a moment and ask ourselves why it is acting a certain way. We have to respect it.

My hope is that at the end of this book, you be better informed and equipped and have a deeper understanding of your skin and what affects it. Your skin speaks to you, the key is to listen to it.

Happy reading!

- JB"


All the questions you’ve been asking yourself and more

  • Which ingredients should we be concerned about?
  • Is it possible to tighten pores?
  • How to care for your skin while undergoing chemotherapy?
  • Should we really be drinking 1 litre of water per day?
  • Where do dark circles come from?